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  • Force USA G9 All-in-One Trainer: Functional Trainer, Smith, Rack and Leg Press

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  • G12™ All-In-One Trainer - Functional Trainer (2 x 90.5 kg), Smith Machine, Power Rack and Leg Press

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  • Force USA G6 All-in-One Trainer: Power Rack, Functional Trainer and Smith Machine Combo

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  • Force USA G1 All-In-One Trainer

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  • ForceUSA F50 V2 - All in One Functional Trainer

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  • ForceUSA F100 V2 Functional Trainer - with 200kg Weight Stack

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  • G12™ Compact All-In-One Trainer - Functional Trainer (90.5 kg), Smith Machine, Power Rack and Leg Press - Compact Version

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  • G3 All-In-One Trainer - Power Rack, Functional Trainer & Smith Machine Combo

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All-In-One-Strength training systems

Our All-In-One strength training systems combine up to eight strength training machines—including a power rack, functional trainer, chin up station and more—into one compact unit!


Designed for use with optional plate weights or bumpers when using the Power Rack, Smith Machine or Functional Training systems. Weights and bumpers sold separately.


Includes integrated stack weights for use with the functional Training System. Requires optional plate weights or bumper plates when using the Power Rack or Smith Machine. Plate weights and bumpers sold separately.