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a) This website uses cookies in order to improve its services, facilitate navigation, maintain security, verify the identity of the User, facilitate access to personal preferences and follow its use of the Store. Cookies are files installed on the hard disk of the computer or in the browser's memory in the folder pre-configured by the operating system of the User's computer to identify you.

If the User does not want a cookie to be installed on their hard drive, they must configure their Internet browsing program to not receive them. Likewise, the User may destroy cookies freely. In the event that the User decides to deactivate cookies, the quality and speed of the service may decrease and even lose access to some of the services offered in the Store.

How to disable cookies in the main browsers

To disable cookies you need to modify your browser settings. You can find more information by visiting the cookie disabling instructions provided for any of the four most commonly used browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Safari for IOS (iPhone and iPad), Chrome for Android, Chrome for iPhone and iPad.

There are also options to disable Google Analytics, which you can find here. To disable the pixels you can choose from the email settings to automatically download external images by looking for the option to disable automatic image loading.